Modern Age

Feziroku is the Tokyo-like capital of the CCU. It is the home of many bizarre quiz shows and other such entertainment. Most buildings are very packed together and the living conditions are not amazing however people look at it from the perspective of it just being cosy. The atmosphere of the capital is generally friendly, however there are people residing there who would want to swindle you out of your money and prey on the weak. Trams are the main form of transport for people who live in Feziroku. The city is also well known for its bountiful number of arcades, in fact there is an entire street that is lined with arcades for you to spend your money on. Some of the best gamers in Teroth were born in Feziroku. 

Steel Age

Feziroku is the oriental style capital. Home to the Zurai Samurai who defend the city from all attackers. There are many different types of flowers that only grow in the city and are extremely rare. Because of this Feziroku is home to many alchemists that use the flowers in their remedies and potions.

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